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👉 User Story:

As a user
Given a CodePen url (see below)
  and an image URL
I should be able to see the image on the result panel

Here is the url of a free image that you can use in this exercise:

You can try things out directly on this pen:

✅ Proposed Solution:

Don't run this unless you gave a very good effort to solve it yourself!

🤓 Resources:

This video might be a little old, but they explain things in a simple way:

This video gives you a comprehensive walk around with many different HTML TAGS. It covers also images about half through the video.

NOTE: the author uses Visual Studio Code and works on his own computer, for the sake of simplicity I suggest you stick with CodePen for now.

You will be able to play with all the cool stuff without the need to go through the often annoying experience of setting up your machine. We will get to that later on in the roadmap!

💬 Comments & New Ideas:

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