LearnJS - Web Development Roadmap

This is a roadmap of progressively challenging exercises that guides you through the unique experience of becoming a Web Developer.

My personal suggestion is that you start from the basics and move forward at your own pace.
You set your own level of efforts.

IMPORTANT: we are looking for a decent logo :-) please send your ideas and proposals to marco.pegoraro@gmail.com.

👉 Progress by User Stories

Each exercise comes with a USER STORY that speaks a Gherkin-like language, which you will definitely find in your daily routine at the office.

User stories are also known as REQUIREMENTS.
On a fundamental level, is what the customer is willing to pay money for!

Make an effort to deeply consider all the parts of the user story, try to understand it and put yourself in the shoes of the virtual client.

Try to visualize your thoughts on paper on a whiteboard, discuss it with your fellow students or whoever is willing to listen. It helps wonders.

A good part of the developer's job is to understand the requirements!

🤓 Learn with the External Resources

You will also find a list of external resources that may help you get through the exercise.

Internet is full of tutorials, guides, and videos. We are working hard to curate an index of relevant resources for every lesson.

And you are welcome to contribute: whenever you have new ideas for improving the list of resources, feel free to:

✅ Check out the Proposed Solution

Most of the exercises will also include a proposed solution that may come as an embedded runnable (stuff that you can play with right from your browser) or a link to external GitHub repos or articles.

I suggest you put your best effort in solving the exercise by yourself before you look into that solution! It's even better if you team up with one or two friends and move through this roadmap together.

Anyway, those solutions will often contain more than what you expect. I'm doing my best to provide ideas and related challenges within the solution itself.

It is important that you check the solution out, and see if you can come up with more challenges to get deeper into the subject at hand!

💬 Comment and Engage

Each page of this website hosts a live message board hosted by Disqus.

Join in when you have ideas to share or questions that can't be answered by Google or StackOverflow (always look there first!).

A nice way to use the message board is to share the solutions to problems you have solved with Internet. Or just share your exercises by linking your repos or your online IDE pages.

Here is a brief list of welcome comments:

  • ask questions that can not be answered by Google or Stackoveflow
  • post new challenges for your fellow students
  • link relevant resources that help during the studying
  • highlight mistakes, typos or outdated resources

🙌 Collaborate

Did you know that all the sources for this website are publicly available on GitHub?

If you find any typos, errors, outdated resources; or if you have propositions for a new lesson, more resources and better examples...

Then please take the time to fork our repo and submit a Pull Request!

I wish you the best of luck!

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